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Welcome to our site.
Electric Bike Solutions, LLC
(707) 439-3179 GoCarLite.com .
16 inch Wheel Recumbent Bicycle
Hybrid Gas and Electric 1000W Trike
Giant Revive Electric Bicycle
1000+ Watt (peak) Geared Motor Bikes
Electric Bianchi Road Bicycle
Electric Folding Dahon Bicycle
500-1000+ Watt Hybrid Geared Motor Kit
Electric Recmbent Trike
Electric GT Transeo Comfort Bicycle
Electric Townie Electra Bicycle
Electric Terra Trike Tour
EMoto CamRock Electric Mountain Bike
Yuba Electric Cargo Bicycle
Electric Bike Kit Competition
Specialized Crosstrail Electric Bike
Electric Giant Sedona Bicycle
Electric Velomobiles
Tandem Electric Bicycle
Electric Electra 7 Beach Cruiser Bicycle
Electric Bridgestone City Commuter Bicycle
Electric Trek Hybrid Bicycle - Plover, WI
SF Giants Electric Yuba Cargo Bike
Folsom, CA - Marin Electric Bike
Jamis Trail Electric Bike
Napa Valley 48V Electric Bicycle
GT Electric Bicycle - Saratoga Springs, NY
E-Bike Beach Cruiser - Venice Beach CA
Electric Tricycle - Monterey CA
Monterey Electric Recumbent Bicycle
Moffett Field Electric Bike Cruiser
48 volt Electric Bike Cruiser - Burbank CA
48 Volt BMX E-Bike - Sacramento CA
Electric Bike Hiking - Roseville CA
Electric Crank Forward Cruz Bike
Electric Trek Bicycle - Chicago IL
Electric Rans Bike - PA
Trek, Specialized, GT Electric Bikes
Electric Columba Folding Bicycle
Diamondback E-Bike - New Orleans
Sun X-3 AX Electric Recumbent Trike
48V Custom E-Bike Kit Chopper
Raleigh Electric Bike - Palo Alto CA
Cannondale E-Bicycle - SoCal
Fuji Electric Bike Kit Commuter
Dual Motor Electric Bicycle
Long Haul Trucker E-Bicycle
Schwinn 48V Electric Bike - Santa Rosa
Electric Schwinn Bicycle - Seattle WA
Electric Tricycles - Vacaville CA
Marin Electric Bike Conversion
48V GMC Full Suspension E-Bike
Electric Tidal Force Conversion Kit
Berkeley Hills Electric Bicycling
Day6 Electric Dream Bike - San Francisco
Electric Tadpole Recumbent Trike
Electric Alllant Bicycle - Stockton CA
48 Volt Extended Cruiser E-Bike
Electric Jelly Belly Factory Bicycle
Electric Peugeot Bicycle - Rio Vista CA
Electric Bike Golfing in Yuma AZ
Schwinn Townie Electric Bicycle
Electra Electric Bicycle


Here you will find direct quotes and pictures (click links for larger pictures) from just a sampling of satisfied Electric Bike Solutions' customers that are now happily Go Car Lite enthusiasts.  These have been compiled throughout the over five years we have been doing business.  We try to add at least one per month, time permitting, and date them accordingly.  Will yours be next?  We can "electrify" nearly any type of bicycle.  Click the links to see a bigger picture and the customer comments.

16" Front Wheel Electric Recumbent Bicycle - Napa, CA 4/2014

Yes, we do offer motor kits for 16" wheels.  Bill sent us numerous emails about his great experience.  Read about it here.

Hybrid Electric Gas Powered Trike - Long Beach, CA 3/2014

An engineering feat of beauty.  This is a combination gas powered and electric powered (using our 48V direct drive system) recumbent trike.  We can electrify any bike.  See and read more here.

Giant Revive Electric Bicycle - Englewood, FL 2/2014

This customer has bought multiple systems from us and could not be happier.  Read about his bikes and his comments here.

500-1000+ Watt Geared Motor Bikes - Nipomo, CA 1/2014

A very happy couple riding their bikes with our high-end geared hub motor kits.  Read more about it here.

Electric Bianchi Road Bicycle - San Rafael, CA 12/2013

Here is a Bianchi road bike that the customer is ecstatic about.  We have a solution to electrify any bike.  Read the customer's comments here.

48V Electric Folding Dahon - Sacramento, CA 11/2013

This is a commuters special for buses or rail transit.  It folds to the size of a suitcase, but will get you to where you want to be in a hurry.  Read more about it here.

Electric Recumbent Trike - Walnut Creek, CA 10/2013

Here is a very happy disabled customer on his newly outfitted electric recumbent tricycle.  Read about what it is doing for him and his experience with Electric Bike Solutions, LLC.

Electric GT Transeo Comfort Bicycle - Sacramento, CA 09/2013

This customer is really enjoying her "sweat free" commute to work.  Read more about it here.

Townie Electra Electric Bicycle - Napa, CA 08/2013

Take a closer look here at this Townie that does not look electric until the customer passes you on every hill.

Electric Terra Trike Tour - Farr West, UT 07/2013

Read the customer's comments about this 48V geared motor electric trike cruiser.  Also includes a pic of the clean peddle assist (PAS) install the customer did.

EMoto CamRock Electric Mountain Bike - Chantilly, VA 06/2013

Very nice folding bike that this customer is getting great use out of.  See a better picture and check out what he has to say about the setup here.

Yuba Electric Cargo Bike - San Francisco, CA 05/2013

A Mom and her two young ones tackling the hills of San Francisco with relative ease.  Get a closer look here.

Super Mileage Electric Bike Kit - Benton High School, LA 04/2013

Great group of high schoolers using one of our kits had a great showing at the national super mileage competition in Houston recently.  Read the press article here (pdf).

Specialized Crosstrail Electric Bike - Monterey, CA 03/2013

Craig, near beautiful Monterey Bay, sent us a picture and brief note about how great his new ride is.  See more about here.

Giant Sedona Electric Bicycle - Maryland 02/2013
Ralph, a customer in Maryland, describes the fun on his new Giant Sedona with one of our 48V electric bike kit systems.  See his comments here

Tandem Electric Bicycle - Huntington Beach, CA 01/2013
This customer describes our electric bike kit as "the greatest invention since the Wright Brothers invented the airplane."  See more of his comments here.

Electric Electra 7 Beach Cruiser - Redondo Beach, CA 12/2012
Quite the view this customer has on his new electric bicycle beach cruiser.  Read the customer comments here.

Electric Bridgestone City Commuter - Watsonville, CA  11/2012
Nice, light, simple, clean, high quality, steel, electrified Bridgestone MB-zip 26" city bike.  Total weight is only 45 lbs.  He posted about his great experience with us in a number of forums.  Read more with bigger pic here!

Electric Trek Hybrid Bicycle - Plover, WI  10/2012
Very clean Electric Trek Cruiser that provides smooth high-speed travel as this customer attests to here.

Electric Cargo Bicycle - SF Giants Cruiser, CA 10/2012
A second vehicle for this family.  They also have two small children that fit on the back with mom for their trip to Giants games.  See a larger picture of this Giants fan favorite here.

Marin Electirc Bicycle - Folsom, CA - 9/2012
This customer talks about the positive comments he gets from others about his bicycle with one of our electric bike kits on it.  "It does not look like an electric bike."  Read about it here.

2000 Watt Dual-Motor Electric Bicycle Kit - Sonoma, CA - 8/2012

Just pure fun with this high powered hill eating machine.  Get more information and customer comments about it here.

Jamis Trail Electric bike In San Francisco - 7/2012
Here is another of our 48 volt, 1000 watt, geared hub motor systems, delivered to the hills of San Francisco near the Golden Gate Bridge.  The ideal setup was provided based on the customer's requests.  Read his comments here.

Napa Valley 48V Electric Bicycle Commuting - 7/2012
Using one of our 48V geared motor systems, Lee from the Napa Valley, talks about the very custom install that he did himself; as well as the performance of the setup.  See Customer Comments.

GT Electric Bicycle - Saratoga Springs, NY - 6/2012 
Lenny from New York, talks about his new tube battery from us.  He already had a kit he picked up on E-Bay.  The battery works great, but the motor kit is presenting some challenges for him.  Click here to read his comments

Venice Beach Electric Bike Cruiser - 5/2012
Keep an eye out for this cruiser around the beach in Venice, CA.  The customer looked around quite a bit before finding just the right solution. 
Click here to read customer comments 

Canada Custom Built Electric Bicycle - 4/2012

This customer, Max, is one of our earliest adopters of the new GoCarLite tube battery.  He built this frame himself; pretty cool stuff!  He has some nice comments on his blog about the setup and service he received.  Read more about it at this link

Electric Tricycle In Monterey CA - 4/2012

If you live in Monterey look for Cheryl out and about on her new Electric Trike.  Her husband already had an older electric bike when he brought the trike to us, but it sounds like he will need an upgrade to keep up.
Click here to read customer comments 

Monterey Electric Recumbent Bicycle - 3/2012

A very comfortable setup now cruising around Monterey CA.  Charmaine and I went out for a ride in the Cordelia neighborhood foothills after the install was complete.  Here are her comments...
Click here to read customer comments 

Moffet Field Electric Bike Cruiser - 2/2012
Does not get much simpler than this electric bike cruiser.  The customer works at Moffett Field, and since we hand deliver anywhere in the San Francisco Bay Area, I volunteered to deliver this kit in exchange for a tour.  I'm a former Marine with a son serving in the Army, so I thought it would be interesting.  I was not dissappointed and he even got my wife to fly a 747 simulator...Thanks for the fun Bruce!  Click here to read customer comments 

48V Electric Bike Cruiser - Burbank CA - 1/2012

John sent us his wheel to have our geared hub motor custom installed.  It was a bit of work getting the right length spokes, etc., but as you can see...well worth it for a very clean setup!  Click here to read customer comments 

48 Volt BMX E-Bike - 12/2011
Reza, from Sacramento, some time ago bought a complete 36 volt direct drive system from us for his BMX.  He came back a while ago and purchased a 36 volt complete geared motor setup for his girlfriend.  Problem was that the efficiency of the geared motor and the 26" wheel his girlfriend was using left him short on distance and speed to keep up with her.  So he came back to upgrade with an additional 48V battery.  Click here to read customer comments 

Electric Bike Hiking - 11/2011

"Bike Hiking" is the phrase this customer uses for describing the pure enjoyment he gets from his electric bikes.  Marty is 72 and 6' 5".  When we first met he was in the mid 200 lb. range, by his note below you can see that has changed.  Can you tell this bike has three of our 36V "best in class" lifepo4 batteries on it?  Note the geared hub motor on the rear...nobody can see him coming until he passes them going up hills.  Click here to read customer comments 

Crank Forward Electric Cruz Bike - 10/2011

It's really nice to be able to post some of the great feedback we get from happy GoCarLite customers; it's also really cool to go to some of the bike forums and find others talking about the good service and products they experience.  Here are just a couple that popped up recently:  - Bike Forums    - Endless Sphere: 5th paragraph down in first post.  Click here to read comments 

Electric Trek Bicycle - 10/2011

Nice practical setup here with our lightweight geared hub motor and 36V LifePO4 battery.  Customer says it is just what the doctor ordered for the windy city!
Click here to read customer comments 

Electric Rans Crank Forward Bicycle - 9/2011

Here is a picture and quick comment from a happy customer in Pennsylvania.  Working with SpinCyclz of Petaluma CA to outfit recumbents and crank forward bikes like this one.  The customer, Tony, previously purchased a BionX Kit elsewhere before discovering our high quality offerings for almost half the price.  Click here to read customer comments

Sacramento CA E-Biking - 8/2011
Specialized, Trek, GT electric bikes on one of our customer's driveway ready to go in Sacramento CA.  Martin, retired and in his 70's, is enjoying them so much he had to have one for himself, his wife, and one for backup ("just in case").  This also means he can take an extra battery if he likes on those extra long rides.  He has lost 20 lbs in a couple of months and rides about 27 miles a day on average.   Click here to read customer comments 

Electric Columba Folding Bicycle - 7/2011
Have an electric folding bicycle, will travel!  Rod's talks about the great performance of the electiric bike kit setup he purchased from us recently.  This is the rear direct drive with a 36 volt lifepo4 battery.   Click here to read customer comments 

New Orleans Diamondback Electric Bike - 7/2011

Click here to read customer comments 

Sun X-3 AX Electric Recumbent Trike - 6/2011

Bill here is trying out his new electrified recumbent trike.  Nice clean setup.  Note how we mounted the 36 volt LifePo4 battery on its side behind the seat.  Our batteries can be placed in any desired position.  Click here to read customer comments

48V Custom E-Bike Kit Chopper - 5/2011

48 volt LifePO4 Battery with Rear Electric Motor Kit makes for quite a bicycle chopper. 

Click here to read customer comments

Raleigh Electric Mountain Bike - 5/2011
Happy customer cruising over the Dumbarton Bridge every day from Palo Alto to Fremont.  Saving time, bridge tolls, and gas are some big advantages of this high-speed cruiser.  The biggest advantage: Pure Fun!  Click here to read customer comments

Connondale Electric Bicycle (48V) - 4/2011
Here is a customer speeding along Manhatten Beach with his revved up Cannondale.  The 48 volt LifePO4 battery and direct drive electric bike motor kit make for an exhilarating riding experience!   Read customer comments

Fuji Electric Bike Kit Commuter - 3/2011

An Electric Fuji Bicycle making the long commute everyday from Sacramento to Folsom CA.  Note the nice side bag for laptop, books, and accessories.    Click here to read customer comments

Dual Motor Electric Bicycle - 3/2011
This is not for the novice, but here is one creative customer that has "tweaked" his setup a bit with dual motors.  The Direct Drive motor is practically bullet proof and will perform flawlessly at a wide range of voltage and amperage levels.  Again, you must know what you are doing to start configuring batteries and controllers to perform in this manner.  Read customer comments

Long Haul Trucker Electric Bicycle - 2/2011

Karen provides some feedback here about just one trip she took with our light weight geared motor kit and 36 volt 10 AH lithium (LifePO4-prismatic cells) battery.  45+ miles on a single charge from Solano County into Napa County/Lake Berryessa and back - WOW! R
ead customer comments

Schwinn 48V E-Bike Commuter - 1/2011
Clean setup here with the controller and wiring in the very roomy handlebar bag.  This leaves just one wire to run to the battery mounted nicely with the rack and baskets.  A commuters dream bike! Click here to read customer comments

Electric Schwinn Bicycle Seattle WA Ferry Boat Commuter - 12/2010

Here is a customer living the Go Car Lite lifestyle in Seattle WA. 
Electric Tricycles in Vacaville CA - 11/2010 

   Click here to read comments

36 Volt Lithium LifePO4 Battery - 11/2010
“Doug, just some quick feedback about the 36 volt LifePO4 battery I purchased from you at the beginning of February 2010. To say the least it has been performing flawlessly. When the weather is nice I take it to work up and down a number of hills, and make it in excellent time. I appreciate all the information, updates, and recommendations you gave me. Thanks for everything!”        
Mike – Norwalk, Wisconsin

Marin Electric Bicycle Conversion - 10/2010

Would not know this is an E-bike without looking very closely.  The nice bag for the battery and the small quiet geared motor keep this bike under the radar; well, unless you cruise like the owner of the bike does.  Click here to read customer comments

48V GMC Full Suspension Electric Bike - 9/2010

Dual disc brakes and frame suspension with a slick electric bike solutions kit make this the envy of San Rafael CA. 
Click here to read customer comments


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