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Tidal Force Electric Bike Kit Conversion - 8/2010
Here's something that was purchased some time ago as a quite expensive electric bike.  It needed, however, to catch up with the technology available and the owner from Maryland sought out our assistance.  Note the bag on top of the battery.  The sturdy case and cool running battery accommodate this with no problem. Click here to read customer comments

Berkeley Hills Electric Bicycling - 7/2010
The steep hills of Berkeley, CA are no match for this nice, inexpensive bicycle with a brand new Go Car Lite electric bike kit from Electric Bike Soltuions.  Click here to read customer comments

Day6 Dream Electric Bicycle Conversion - 6/2010
A beautiful bike here cruising the San Francisco hills with ease.  This very satisfied customer points out just one of the many benefits of an Electric Bike Kit.  It can truly be "life changing!"
Click here to read customer comments

Electric Tadpole Recumbent Trike - 1/2010
Had a lot of fun installing and testing this
electric bike kitClick here for customer comments

Electric Allant Bicycle - 12/2009
Very well made bike that is now also a smooth riding, very nice looking, electric vehicle.  The young lady that owns this wanted to exert a little less energy when riding up hills near the Stockton, CA area.  This is the perfect Electric Bike Solution to do just that and much more!  The fun part is will the other bicyclists she cruises by even know that it is electrified!  Click here for customer comments

Electric Extended Cruiser Bike - 11/2009
Here's a fun ride!  This is the same motor as you get with the 36 volt battery electric bike kit, except it has an upgrade.  The motor also works well with 48 volts, which the customer installed himself.  Note the creative rear cargo box; this is built to not only carry the battery, but the controller and battery charger as well.  Did I mention the torque and power?  Well, you'll want to try it for yourself!
Click here for bigger picture

The Jelly Belly Electric Commute - 10/2009
Here's a Jelly Belly Factory employee saving the environment and gas $ by making his 15 mile commute on his recently installed electric bike kit.  This is the solution for avoiding commute hour traffic and the gas station.  He also likes to add some peddle power for exercise as he recently made it to work averaging 20 miles per hour.  GoCarLite can provide you with the electric bike kit solution that best meets your needs!  Click here for bigger picture

Electric Peugeot Bicycle in Rio Vista CA - 10/2009
This is simply the best design on the market right now at the best price.  The owner of this sleek machine is 90 years young and loving it; he also gave me a few tips during installation.  Note the integrated rack/battery setup with room for a bag behind the seat to hold the controller.  The long lasting Headway battery also includes a gauge/lights on top of it to show charge levels.  This is the best value motor and battery combination that also comes with a one year warranty.  Look out Rio Vista, CA!  Click here for bigger picture

Schwinn E-Bike Golfing Cruiser 9/2009
Retirement at its best on this Schwinn Jaguar cruising around the golf courses near Yuma AZ.  They are the first on the block to have an E-Bike in the Foothills of Arizona where their winter retirement fun awaits.  Sign me up for this plan!
Click here for customer comments

Schwinn Townie Electric Bicycle - 8/2009

Nice looking bike here cruising around Vacaville, Ca with a recently installed electric kit.  The owner opted to use a set of existing SLA batteries he already had (in bag on the rack) until they wear out.  Lots of choices when it comes to getting out of our automobiles and saving money, the environment, and our health!  Click here for bigger picture

Electra Electric  Bicycle - 7/2009
Here's a 48 volt 500 watt motor kit on an Electra Bike.  Click on comments below to view the owner's statements about the kit.  This is a nice comfortable bike that, while very light, is also very sturdy.  The electric kit does quite well on this bike.  There is another very happy person in Sacramento saving a bundle of $ by going Car Lite! 
Click here for customer comments

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